Mario Kart Tour for PC, Windows 10/8.1/8/7 Download for Free

Mario Kart Tour for PC:- For all the Mario lovers out there, We have the finest kart game which is a modified game from the very famous Playstation Mario Kart and the name of the game we will be talking about today is Mario Kart Tour for PC and it is a multiplayer mario game that makes the game even more fun and entertaining to play, The release date of the Mario Kart tour was September 2019 and it is a Japanese made game that is available for Ios as well as Android.

Mario Kart Tour for PC
Mario Kart Tour for PC

All That you must know about the Mario Kart Tour for PC:-

Mario Kart Tour can be played on PC with the help of Any Emulators such as Bluestacks or any else.

Mario kart tour literally allows you to challenge anyone around the world and you can play various Kart races online as well as offline and even score good to be presented in the Leaderboards of the game. You can literally go Global and follow thru various players across the globe and battle out against them and beat their timings.

Well that is just a Brief insight of Mario kart but the main things lie in the Features of the game, so let us also take a look to them:-

Essential Features of the Mario Kart Tour for PC:-

Features of the Mario Kart Tour
Features of the Mario Kart Tour
  • Play various Custom Races:- This game has various modes and also various maps where you can customly choose the desired game and map and play the game accordingly onto that particular setting.
  • Play multiplayer Races across the world:- You can battle out thru all the players in your server and race across the world and be the best GO kart champ.
  • Collect various collectibles to boost your performance:- you can easily collect various stars, badges, and go Frenzy in the game and various collectibles will even improve your performance to a significant number.
  • Race faster and better to improve your World ranking:- The better you get at racing and the least you get hit by the wall or go off track the chances of you having a good rank are quite high.
  • Amazing graphics and sound quality:- in this game the sound literally is so immersive that you might feel it even like Dolby atmos and the graphics are pretty cute and funny as well.
Mario Kart Tour Download for PC
Mario Kart Tour for PC
  • A Free to play Go karting game:- This game is Free to play which makes it the best game to play if you are bored and if you want to play it with your friends then you can do that as well.
  • And much more:- That is just an insight on the features of Mario Kart Tour, On PC version you will have all of these features and you can also add custom controls and other things to improve your gameplay.

User information on the Mario Kart Tour for PC:-

User rating of the game4.0 out of 5 stars
Last date of update for the game28 May 2020

Content ratingRated for 3 +
Size of the game122 MB
Current version available2.1.1
Company of the game : –Nintendo Co., Ltd.

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