Places for Loot

Best Places for Loot in Garena Free Fire!

Free fire:- As we know battle royale games are a big trend these days and thus so is Free fire, and today we will be talking about the Best Places for Loot in Free fire as many of the users have requested.

As we all know Garena is a Great gaming company and they have released some of the best games out there in the market, and one of their marvelous creations is Free fire, and as many users play this game, they do find some trouble in getting good places for loot.

Places for Loot

Thus without wasting anymore time we will jump right ahead on the best Places for Loot in Free Fire.

Top 5 Best Places for Loot in Garena Free Fire:-

1. Pochinok:-

This place is legitly on the center of the map and the greatest part is that it has higher chances of being in the circle of safe zone than any other place, though some people might drop off at Pochinok, this place is safe and great enough to find some of the best loots in the game.

Here you will find many houses and compounds filled with loots, the houses are not quite nearby to each thus people might have to sprint a little, but in good cases you might also find Rare loots here.

2.Cape Town:-

This is our 2nd place on the list for the best places for loot, as Cape town is an amazing place which is located at the East of Bermuda. In this place you will find many adjoin houses thus you can gather the loot quite quicker and this place is probably the best place for Squads as close houses mean that you will able to collect the loot faster and more efficiently.

3.Mars Electric:-

This place is the best place where people can Find high quality loots and among the list of our best Places for Loot this is ranked as no. 3rd as the place is quite big so you might have to search more. And further while wavering thru this place do keep in mind about the circle as this place rarely falls in the safe zone thus you might get more loot but keep time in mind and move accordingly.

4. Shipyard:-

In our list at no.4 Comes Shipyard which is another great place to find good loots but this place is quite a common place in the game.

Thus you will find many people trying to battle it out for that loot, so if you are good at the game and can win brawls then definitely this place is the finest place for you to get your loot from.

5. The Mill:-

At the last number of today’s Places for Loot is Mill, this is also a great place for getting high quality loot but the problem is that this place as well is quite hefty with numerous people and thus the mill is a good option if you are a good player and know how to battle with other people.

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