Guns in Garena Free Fire

Top 5 Best Guns in Garena Free Fire (2020):-

Guns in Garena Free Fire:- The amazing Game known as Garena Free fire is a rebel of a game, and it is a very fast paced and amazing battle royale where about 50 people march their ways ahead to be the lone survivor and win the title of the best! and today we will teach you about The best Guns in Garena Free Fire and a little about them, as many people have requested that they want to know which gun they should choose.

So, simply everything depends upon your skill, and if you tend to practice well with a particular gun, you will become better at it, and be it on the other hand there are some guns which make the game a bit easier for some users, so let’s not waste time Dig in for the Best Guns in Garena Free Fire.

Guns in Garena Free Fire

Top 5 Best Guns in Garena Free Fire:-

Today we will discuss about 5 best guns for beginners as well as pros which they can use and get to know better about the basic aspects of the game So here we go :-


scar Best Guns in Garena

This is one of the most amazing guns in the entire game of free fire, and not just Free fire but other games such as Fortnite and Pub-g also consider Scar to be one of the finest guns, as pro players have loved this gun so much. The recoil of this gun is not so hard, that means the bullets would not miss as well. So if you have played FPs games and you have basic knowledge of shooting, then this Gun is the best gun for you.


Rate of Fire61
Reload Speed41

2.Ak 47:-

ak 47 Best Guns in Garena

If you are an intermediate or Pro at FPs and battle royale games then AK 47 is like the pearl gun for you as it is one of the best Guns in Garena Free Fire, as this gun allows you to one tap enemies where if you hit the enemy on the head they will surely die. the recoil is a bit bad thus you need to have good accuracy to use this gun.


Rate of Fire56
Reload Speed41


m4a1 Best Guns in Garena

This is among-st the best Guns in Garena Free Fire as M4A1 is a jewel for new players as well as pros, As the fire rate of this gun is quite high and plus the recoil is quite alright as well.


Rate of Fire56
Reload speed48


p90 Best Guns in Garena

P90 is another amazing Beginner favourite among the best Guns in Garena Free Fire, as this gun is quite simple to use, and has ultimately fast rate of fire, which makes it the most favourite gun for new people as they can just slam the button hard and it’ll shoot the bullets real quick.


Rate of Fire75
Reload Speed48

5.AWM (AWP) Sniper:-

Awm Best Guns in Garena

The sniper rifle is the most skill based Gun among the best Guns in Garena Free Fire as in order to use a Sniper Rifle your hands must be steady and fast at the same time, and this gun, once you master it, you can kill anyone with a single bullet of it, that’s what makes it the best and the toughest together


Rate of Fire27
Reload Speed34

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